Maggie Wynn Kingsford – For The Benefit Of Maggie (Digital, 2023)





GAJOOB Library No.5149


This is a special compilation album of tracks by Maggie-Wynn Kingsford from compilations on which she has appeared 2018-2023. Your purchase of a download will help her to pay for her medical expenses. Click on each track to view art and information on the original compilations. Thanks to compilation producers Hal Harmon, Bill Northcott, Chris Phinney, and Phil Rodrigues.

Media: Digital.

Review by Briyan Frederick:

I experienced Maggie-Wynn’s sound art initially through performances at Hal McGee’s Apartment Music and other series as Penny Grune-Fae. ( These are events where McGee invites a number of artists to perform sets. An experimental music festival in house concert form. Maggie is a regular and always takes us to new places with an arsenal bag of electronic gizmos and toy noise makers.

I think it was the track in the recent Vision of Twilight compilation called “Strange By Anonymous” that revealed another dimension to her artistry to me. It’s got a dancing ever-evolving groove that is immense and satisfying and filled with beautiful retro synths.

Another compilation we share a track on is the Deforestation compilation from t0rphy (by way of Electronic Cottage). The track “Undertheleaves” is an excellent lofi blend of hiphop and chill that prompted me to take further notice and watch out for subsequent work.

Both of these tracks are on this compilation and I encourage you to help support this artist through a tough time.

It’s a good thing for a good soul.

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