…playing Hal McGee





For this installment of the “…playing Hal McGee” Electronic Cottage project curated by Phillip Klampe, I am found prompting it (AI) with things Hal posted on his Facebook the first week in February 2023. I ask it for haikus in response to his posts. Its pictures are generated from the ensuing haikus.

Girls On Fire

Tongues of flames leap high
Girls on fire, blazing bright
Lit up the night sky

Wild eyes and a roar
Powerful and strong through the night
Daring and alive

Fire raging inside
She will never be tamed again
Girls on fire, rejoice

Bad Photos

Angry glares ensue
Grimaces galore in bad photos
No taking them back

Memories remain
Of moment that can’t be changed
Bad photos won’t fade away

Snapshots of despair
Smiles twisted in a grimace
Forever captured

If I was Hal McGee

Pixels in the sky
If I was Hal McGee, I’d reach
Into the universe

A new kind of night
Music drifting through galaxies
Far and wide it plays

Beats so low and sweet
Strange sounds from a distant star
If I was Hal McGee

Digital Camo Fashion Sense

Digi camo fashion
Admired by all around me
I want y’all to tell me

Tempted by style so fresh
Epileptic convulsions quelled
Jealousy ensues

The brightest colors shine
My digital camo fashion sense
A feast for the eyes

Gainesville February Wildflowers

Gainesville February wildflowers
Colors bright, even in showers
Beauty so sweet and serene

In the evening stillhours
Crickets sing of memories
Lingering in the breeze

Fog descends on Gainesville
A reminder of wintertime
Wildflowers in the mist

Morning Twilight With Dog

Morning twilight with dog
Gainesville crows cawing
Mockingbird medleys soar

Silence of the morning
Streetlights fade away soon
Beneath a gentle fog

Soft light peeking through trees
Cawing of Gainesville crows
Mockingbird medleys call

What’s all this fuss about Tai Chi Latte?

Delicious drink surprise
What’s all this fuss about Tai Chi Latte?
A twist of coffee dreams

Caffeine and creativity
Mix together in a cup
What will they come up with next?

Searching for a new sip
Tai chi latte is the find
Brewing morning bliss

Krishna Lunch

Hungry Gators arrive
Krishna Lunch at Plaza awaits
On the University

Lines of students form
Filling the air with chatter so loud
Satiating lunchtime cravings

Indian delicacies
The aromas spread around the plaza
Smells of blissful feasting

Here Is the Japanese Magnolia

Strong roots planted deep
Here is the Japanese Magnolia
Sent as anniversary gift

My parents were so pleased
The tree blooms with glory each spring
An eternal reminder

Its beauty forever–
This special moment lasts in time
A beautiful memory

My Favorite Birthday Meal

From mom’s special recipe
Decades of joy in Beef Stroganoff
From a Church cookbook

A family tradition
Celebrating birthdays each year
Mom’s cooking brings a smile

A sparkle of nostalgia
The flavors of the youth revisited
The taste of love and home

You Are Naked

In the morning light
Blanketed in self-assurance
I choose my confidence

An armor for courage
The fabric of security
A shield to protect from fear

Clothing never defines me;
My unique spirit stands out, bold.
Owning who I am

Bouncy Dumpster Morning

A morning surprise
As a bouncy dumpster 🦈 awaits
Gators cheer in delight

The dumpster 🦈 joins the fun
Bouncing around with joy and glee
In Gainesville today

A unique experience
Moments of elation shared by all
We’ll remember this day

20th Avenue Twilight with Stanley

At twilight’s call
Stanley waits at 43rd and 20th
What secrets will he share?

The night is alive
The stars twinkle above the street
An eerie silence

The future awaits
A tale of mystery unfolds
At 43rd and 20th