Whisperwinds Through Snarfleworts

imagery and haikus

Flibberfluffs glide high,

Whisperwinds through snarfleworts,

Dreamscape softly sighs.

Fluttermelodies hum,

Gloamglees paint the sky’s canvas,

Whimsyphoria blooms

Glimmerpuffs take flight,

Zibberwumps sing in moonlight,

Quizzlaria’s night.

Twistletoots shimmer,

Meloglimmers dance and gleam,

Flooflewhims whisper

Swaying twistlefronds,

Babblestreams in glimmerscape,

Snorflebeasts meander

Gentle snickerbreeze,

Gossamer winged zibberbobs,

Dreams take flight with ease.

Whifflewaffs in bloom,

Fableweaver’s tales unfurl,

Gigglegrass whispers.

Gloamglees’ soft embrace,

Sparklotics on babblebrook,

Night’s enchantment wakes.

Moonicles aglow,

Flitterwings in dance entwined,

Whimsy’s twilight reigns.

Luminous cloudoodles,

Drift through chimerical skies,

Zephyrs of wonder.

Melodious breeze,

Carries flibberfluff’s whispers,

Secrets of the night.

Glimmerpuff parade,

Flickering through snickerbark,

Dreamscape’s symphony.