Welcome to BriyanFrederick.com – a project by Bryan Baker (GAJOOB, Tapegerm, Homemade Music, Blind Mime Ensemble, etc.). The Briyan Frederick project explores experimental electronic music combined with graphic art, video, photography, print media and augmented web experiences.

Briyan Frederick is an art collective in which its music is owned equally by people investing in it by way of Executive Producer points. You can become an Executive Producer for Briyan Frederick releases and share revenue like a traditional Producer.

Bryan has been passionate about creativity and communication ever since he was a kid. He’s had a long career in the design and technology fields that spans more than four decades in multimedia production and digital marketing outlets, as well as web design and app development.

Through his music recordings and artwork, he strives to create inspiring audio-visual experiences that give listeners an insight into the creative process of communicating complex topics with creativity. Bryan is also focused on collaboration between disciplines such as computer science, engineering, art, communication and commerce to develop cutting-edge approaches.

On this website you can explore Bryan’s work through music releases, audio stems and samples, tapegerms, photos , video and handmade zines and crafts. You can also learn more about his professional experience by reading his editorial blogs or contact him to discuss potential projects or collaborations.

With every project that Bryan takes on he is always pushing himself to higher levels of experimentation in order to create unique art pieces combining various mediums together.