I am briyan frederick (aka Bryan Baker), publisher of GAJOOB Zine, co-founder of Tapegerm Collective, creator of glass clocks and beloved mugs, singer of songs and sound explorer, an ensemble of blind mimes living the Joy Of Print. I am the keeper of family scrolls, and a dead man’s finger, while building an Underground Music Museum to Cassette Culture and other things, nuturing a recording artist network and fostering local historical experiences. My career has been helping local and international companies communicate graphicly and I’m writing a Guide Book that just might live to tell about it. I host The Absurdiyan Podcast with my daughter, Allye, and live in Salt Lake City with furfoos, Mara, the free Christmas Labradoodle, and Allye’s cat, David. Today I might Craft a zinetell a tale, attempt a vlog, discover a sound, make homemade music more or less while rubbing my bald spot and aging, etc. as silver creative and boomerneurWTF 60?!