Artificial Intelligence

AI is impacting creatives. I experiment with it.

  • MIKe


    What follows is an AI generated novel with the following prompt: While walking through the back alley behind my house, I came across an old photo in a small frame, wrapped in aluminum foil with a wad of electrician’s tape stuck to the back. On the photo there were stickers spelling the name, “Mike.” The…

  • I Use AI to Generate My Voice (it’s eerie)

    I Use AI to Generate My Voice (it’s eerie)

    This is the future, after all.

  • …playing Hal McGee

    …playing Hal McGee

    an installment of the “…playing Hal McGee” Electronic Cottage project curated by Phillip Klampe!

  • Variations on an Artificial Theme

    Variations on an Artificial Theme

    Wherein Briyan Frederick explores artifice and authenticity and the absurdity of finding absurdity in hope. And ’round it goes…

  • Artifice


    A world of new sounds Explored with machines and keys The power of artifice Digital fabrications Creations more perfect than hand Artificial grace Endless possibilities Unlock the creative spirit With artifice magic