I am Briyan Frederick (aka Bryan Baker) and this is my blog.

I am probably best known as the publisher of GAJOOB which started as a print zine in 1986 and came to be a prominent voice for underground bands and artists making music DiY on self-made cassettes, CDr’s, etc.

I am busy building a mobile/online museum of underground music and related materials. My place in cassette culture offers a unique perspective and insight to creative music history, I believe. There is more information on how you can support this at the museum’s website.

I am also a founding developer of Tapegerm Collective, an experimental music collaboration community. Homemade Music, another thing that originally stemmed from GAJOOB was an online shop for home recordings and is now where I discuss the craft (at least my own).

My other interests include personal history documentation, videography, local organization support, art-craft shops, artificial intelligence, photography, creative print ideas, sound design, experimental music, senior community, local museums, songwriting, zines and labradoodles.

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